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Past Shuga High Winnres

Getting into top ranking doesn't guarantee that you will be the winner of top price. Below are some winners along with their ranking position just to proof my point.

If you don't win anything at all after exchange all your candies for tickets, you still can get Shuga by REFER A FRIEND.

Shuga High Draw #6 Winner Andy Ong rank 641 0.03% chance of winning 

ShugaHigh Draw6S9winnerAO

ShugaHigh Draw6S9winner


Shuga High Draw #5 Winner Pris Rank 52 0.31% of winning

ShugaHigh Draw5winnerPr 

ShugaHigh Draw5winner


Shuga High Draw #5 10000 Shuga Winner Rank 15 & 29 respectively

ShugaHigh Draw5 10kwinners

ShugaHigh Draw5 10kwinnersIrene

ShugaHigh Draw5 10kwinnersChuinYee