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Is Shuga Rewards REAL??

The short answer is YES but only for Singapore base users.  Read on the find out more and remember to use my REFER A FRIEND link to sign up.  A little token for my effort in updating information below.


How to navigate within Shuga Rewards Apps



Menu - This is where you access the Setting page, redeem rewards, refer a friend, look at participating store where you can get rebates from your purchase or earn Shuga just by walking into the store. 



Shuga/Candies - You can check your Shuga,  Bonus Shuga & Candies balance by touching on the respective icon

When you first sign up for Shuga Rewards, you get 600 Bonus Shuga.  Base on the App descriptions in the Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store, the Bonus Shuga only be awarded to the first 50,000 users who register after download the apps.  So sign up now to get these Bonus Shuga before it hit 50,000 downloads.



You can also earn Bonus Shuga through REFER A FRIEND and you need to accumulate a minimum of 2000 Bonus Shuga before the system convert it to Shuga.  Once it had been convert, yu may see partial refer a friend Bonus Shuga remain in your Bonus Shuga page.